CRM 2013 browser Performance Markers

Hi everyone,

Due to the fact we’ve encountered some page load issues with plain vanilla contact forms, I was woundering how to visualize the newly introduced Performance Markers¬†from the Perfomance Center (aka Performance Analyzer by some)¬†in Chrome.

Why’s that?

CTRL-SHIFT-Q or CTRL-SHFT-Q closes Chrome and there’s no direct way to change or alter this behavour (as far as my knowledge reaches today).

Well, after some debugging I found out that the backdoor combination ALT-SHIFT-Q works on both browsers!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Performance Markers

Chrome version: 37.0.2062.124 m

IE version: 10.0.9200.17028 update 10.0.18

Room for improvement? The visualized load is spanned over the width of your browser screen, so screen based comparision is not really usable but you can copy the counters into Excel for example.

So happy “Performance Markers” comparing!